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Various Artists "The Fatal 9 Vol. 2"

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Various Artists "The Fatal 9 Vol. 2" Mixtape

DMV Life Review: Introducing "The Fatal 9 Vol. 2" playlist on Spotify, curated by the DMV rap duo, Fatal Sinz. This dynamic mixtape series serves as a gateway for emerging artists, spotlighting the top 9 hot picks every month, released like clockwork on the 9th day at 9 am. Artists looking to be featured in the next edition can join the movement by following @thefatal9series on Instagram. Featuring a diverse selection of 19 dope tracks, including new music from Fatal Sinz, Relentlezz Dre, Lady Cee, Gotti 4 Real, and more, this playlist embodies the essence of the DMV's music scene. "The Fatal 9 Vol. 2" is a testament to the duo's commitment to uplifting local talent and providing a platform for aspiring artists to shine. Tune in, discover new sounds, and stay tuned for the next installment of this thrilling series!